The Case for Coaches: Why I Want to be a Life Coach

And why I think the job is needed more than ever today

In 2019, I leapt off the proverbial cliff to pursue a field I had virtually no background in.

1. Everyone has the capacity to change their habits, but to make the changes sustainable, you have to do the inner work first.

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A coach helps you do the real inner work you need to successfully and sustainably do the real outer work.

2. Conversations about “self-care” are overwhelmingly concerned with defining what constitutes “care”, while neglecting the “self” part.

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We need to shift the conversation back to the self. Coaches create space for this shift, and help clients create a self-care toolkit that is filled with effective and sustainable tools for them.

3. We’re taught and encouraged to cultivate skills that help us become successful, hard-working, contributing members of society, focused on the external and material world. But this script doesn’t include the space or tools to teach us how to navigate our own foundational inner world.

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Unfortunately, there is no such class in our education system (yet!). But there are coaches.

4. “The Coach Approach” works because it protects autonomy, one of the most important factors in cultivating sustainable motivation.

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Coaches help you ensure the weight stays off.

5. We’re doing okay, but we’re not thriving. It’s time to level up, friends.

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  1. I believe it gets to the core of what people are looking for when we say we want to invest in our well-being. Positive psychology isn’t interested in quick fixes; researchers are interested in how people can optimize their well-being and happiness, sustainably, today and for every day after that.
  2. It gives us universal tools and frameworks to improve our lives that don’t require us to spend money and keep spending money. The free Science of Well-being course being offered online by Yale Professor Laurie Santos is a great example of this.

Coaches help individuals learn to thrive so that they can be part of creating the external environmental, structural, and systematic changes that will collectively lift up others.


So those are the top reasons that I’m learning to coach, and the pillars I’m bringing to my own personal coaching practice. It’s messy, it’s new, it’s evolving, and it’s unregulated. There’s a lot of bullshit coaching practitioners out there, but the good ones…the good ones can truly change our lives in unimaginably needed ways. The good ones matter.

Personal Development Coach for twentysomethings, writing about the individual inner work needed for collective outer change.

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